Americans have enough homemade political dramas to pay much attention to kerfuffles raging overseas, but the political chaos in Israel is different. Anyone who wants to understand what lies in store not only for the Jewish State, but for much of the West, would do well to look at the clashes bringing Israel to a near-standstill, ostensibly over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed judicial reforms. It’s a future in which the democratic will can be hindered and ultimately undone by the tantrums of a local activist class co-opted by the globalist Blob.

With both sides claiming popular support, it isn’t so easy telling the warring camps apart. One pretty good approximation pits Ashkenazi Jews, hailing from European countries, against Mizrahi Jews, who come from the Middle East and North Africa (roughly speaking). Although the latter make up roughly half the population, only 1 of 15 Supreme Court seats is occupied by a Mizrahi jurist—a fact that the government’s supporters rightly claim shows a deep inherent bias. Another attempt at making sense speaks of secular Israelis against religious Jews, which is why anti-government protesters have made a habit of regularly marching into Orthodox neighborhoods and taunting residents.

“The Blob has found a new target.”

Both are plausible analyses, containing more than a kernel of truth. But neither fully hits the mark nor explains why anyone living outside the minuscule Middle Eastern nation should care. Take a step back, and a more terrifyingly clear picture comes howling into focus: The Blob has found a new target.

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